Costa Rica Fishing TripIt was after I worked in the commercial furniture business that I returned to my love of crafting quality items from wood and metal, of course, starting with furniture.  After providing quality furniture to many, I often saw ways that improvements could be made to make these pieces better. My contrarian approach to most everything I do in life was no different with this business; do it for the appreciation of a job well done than for the money. This has greatly reduced stress in my life and provided many with high quality creations that do not break the bank.

We create starting with a set of plans and 3D models but allowing freedom to change those plans for something better as the creative process of building begins.  It is with this freedom that incremental improvements are made that bring us far and above others that look to “get it done” instead of “get it done right.” Our name is going on this, so it must be right before it leaves our shop.

My goal, when I eventually would reach retirement, was always to build a shop where I can “build things,” but as often happens, a bend in the roadway of life made me realize that there was no need to wait until retirement to do what I have passion for, but to start doing that right now. Mako Fab was born that very instant where clarity of thought and action met. It is one of those decisions in life you never second guess, kind of like asking my wife to marry me, it was right then and is still right today.